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Thunder Dash is sad by ThunderMLP

seeing as this is just paint onto a vector i can't really give you points based off of your work, however this being a reaction face, and thus an okay use of a vector (so long as your oc has a back story and some art that isn't just paint on a vector). so the rate's I'm giving you are on how well you dumped paint onto a blank. that's why your originality is 1. your technique is 4 because it's not just bucketed and the edges of the blank are sort of hidden, so that was a bit more detail than your average copy pony. this did make me wonder a bit more about your oc, so that's an impact of three. I'm just going to give you a vision of five, because reaction faces are fun to have. and there you have it. i hope to learn more about your oc in the future.
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